How to create a private key

The private key it’s only used in the services of Geolocation API, Roads API, Google Places API Web Service, Android y IOS.

 - Please access the console from the developer: <YOUR_PROJECT ID>  

- In the left side menu, please click on credentials:

Obs: Make sure that the correct project have been selected, additional projects shouldn’t be created, everything must be made in the project created by Google (Project ID).

- Create Credentials-> API Key

- It’s possible, but not necessary, to restrict the API key to one of these options:

  • HTTP Referrers (Websites)
  • IP Directions (Web services, cron jobs etc)
  • Apps to Android
  • Apps to IOS


For the API’s that uses a Server Key (see call of API’s table) it’s necessary to register the domains in the developer console: <YOUR_PROJECT ID>

- Access the Console

- In the left side menu, click on credentials

- Confirmation of the domain

- Add Domain

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