How to authorize my domains

To implement your license, the first step it’s to perform the registration of the URLs in the Support Portal (Google Secure Force). 

-  Please access the link: and log in.

(Obs: If you still haven’t done your access request, please return to the menu and click on Enterprise Support Portal)

- In the left side menu, please click on: Maps: Manage Client ID:


- Add to the square all the domains you wish to add:

- Click on  ADD URLs.



  • For the cadasters of your domains, remember that it is important to be as specific as possible by registering the subdomains related to the site in which the license will be implemented, so it’s possible to avoid the registration of unwanted pages. For example, instead of prefer
  • For the development of URLs, it is recommended not to authorize domains, because as the environment is very susceptible to errors, your license can be consumed exaggeratedly. Only in this scenario, it is allowed to keep the use of the Free key, even with the acquisition of the Premium license.
  • Please consider that the authorization of domains in the portal it’s just for the API’s that can be requested through the Client ID
  • It’s possible to add an amount of 100 URLs at time, totalizing 3000 URLs. If it’s necessary to increase this limit, get in contact with our support.
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